Sistema electrostático VMA

Las partículas micronizadas del líquido de tratamiento, gracias a su carga electrostática, son atraídas por la vegetación garantizando que la nebulización envuelva de manera INTEGRAL las hojas con el resultado de ampliar ulteriormente las ventajas. Es por eso que la unión del bajo volumen con el sistema electrostático determina un verdadero salto de calidad en el nivel global de tratamiento.

The electrostatic generator for atomizers VMA consists of a single sheet made of modern technology, in order to ensure maximum reliability. The sheet is sealed to allow high operating tensions in reduced spaces. The circuit consists of a generator that brings the output voltage to 18kV. The circuit is equipped with the following hardware protections: • reverse power polarity: you can reverse polarity without damaging the card. • resettable electronic fuse. Overvoltage arrester on the input voltage, in case of excessive battery voltage intervenes by protecting the electronic card failures. If excessive ambient temperatures the card is disabled preventing failures. The operation is guaranteed at high temperatures (50 ° C environment).

The circuit is composed of an intermediate voltage booster generator connected to a voltage multiplier that brings the output voltage to 18kV. The electrostatic system, connected to suitable electrodes placed in the vicinity of the nozzles, generates a positive electric field able to induce a negative charge in the air that exits from the atomizer. The ions are then attracted to the electrode but before they can reach it they are incorporated in the treatment flow by switching to it the electrical charge. Because the vegetation often has a natural positive charge, albeit weak, due, for example, by the presence of potassium cations, the liquid is attracted towards the negatively charged vegetative wall greatly reducing the effect of the drift and thereby saving the plant protection product to be used.
The flow of air also has the task of avoiding that the jet of water and the electrode are never in contact. In any case a safety device included in the system warns the cases of short-circuit and immediately interrupts the the power supply to the electrodes in order to avoid any damage, then automatically turn on after a few seconds.

• Input voltage in operation from 9V to 18V • Automatic shut-off for voltages out of range (<9V or> 18V) • Limit voltage 35V • Overtemperature protection: shut-off for temperatures over a maximum settable limit • Over-current protection with resettable electronic fuse • Rated circuit output voltage: 18kV • Duty point at maximum output power: 12kV-800uA • Continue Electronic Limitation beyond this value in order to limit the output current under 800uA • Approximatedimensions: 125x125x35mm

• Place the control panel of the electrostatic charging system in the cab of the tractor • Make sure the system power switch is OFF • Connect the appropriate power plug to the user in charge of the tractor

The electrostatic device to perform its function must have an earth connection, make sure the chain that serves as ground is loose and touches the ground • Operate the rotation of the fan bringing it up to speed (540 rev / min PTO) thus activating the air flow • Activate the supply of the treatment liquid by means of the command • Activate the electrostatic charging system using the switch located on the control panel • A warning light on the control panel and a flashing indicator on atomizer indicate operation • WARNING: For the PDP reductions below 400 r / min release the electrostatic charge system

• Keeping the fan rotation speed off the electrostatic charging system by using the appropriate switch on the control panel • Close the supply of processing liquid • Wait at full speed 20 seconds to the drying of the electrodes • Disengage the PTO • Wait 10 minutes before touching the distribution system

• You Do not stand within the operating range of the machine during operation • DO NOT use the electrostatic system for purposes other than treatment stages • DO NOT open, tamper with, alter, modify equipment • To rotate the PTO below 400 r / min release the electrostatic charge system • Turn off the electrostatic device for any maintenance work and wait 10 minutes before touching the distribution system • The system should only be operated from the helm of the tractor and only by personnel AUTHORIZED • The device can be used by children aged at least 8 years, and by people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, provided under surveillance or after their having received instructions to safe use of and understanding of the dangers inherent in it. Children should not play with the appliance. Cleaning and maintenance meant to be performed by the user must not be performed by unsupervised children. • To ensure safety, children must be supervised.

The electrostatic device performs maximum efficiency when operating at LOW VOLUME

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